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Application Design

What is Android and IOS Application Design Tarnamagostar's Application Design services

IOS and Android application design

Tarnamagostar with more than ten years’ experience using experts in programming and application design, master in UI and UX, knowing audience’s tastes, master in using digital marketing tools, knowing smart phones capabilities, designs and develops applications in accordance with its customers’ style following all principles in this field.


Tarnamagostar’s Application Design Steps

1. RFP list
2. Application design proposal
3. Application design and develop contract
4. Application’s graphic template design
5. Developing the template if it is approved
6. Application release

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Professional Application Design and Develop Steps

1. Idea

Before designing and developing an application we need to know the essence and its competitive advantages. More competitive advantage, faster your business’s growth.


2. Graphic Template Design

We help you in designing your application’s appearance on paper.


3. UI/UX Design

In this step UI and UX team designs your application’s interface. We use designing tools such as SketchUp, Photoshop, and Illustrator in order to design you application.


4. Application appearance develop

After designing the appearance, the next step is front programming. Our programmer will code the chosen graphic template.


5. Application Database

After all the coding, our programmer team will write an API to connect back-end and front-end. And then your application development is over.


6. Testing

The last step is testing. We test your application in order to find any bugs or errors. After the troubleshooting your application will be released and we will teach you how to use it during a session.


Ordering Your Application

Tarnamagostar pays attention to three factors which are usually highly important to the customers:

1. Android application design cost
2. IOS application design cost
3. Application design duration  


These 5 steps help you to know the exact cost of Tarnamagostar application design:

1. Application Design Proposal
Our customers should provide us with a proposal on what their application would look like, what interaction features it might have , etc

2. Technical Sessions
After the first session, Tarnamagostar will give you an approximate price.

3. Prototype
We will develop a prototype for you in which you can see your application’s appearance and all. You can comment on any part of it.

4. Infrastructure
After the prototype, we start to code your application’s infrastructure with technologies such as laravel for designing admin panel.

5. Expenses and Duration- Contents of the Contract
Tarnamagostar will give you a document including costs, duration and the technology used in infrastructure and all other details.


Web-Application Design and Develop

Tarnamagostar can design an application in accordance with your website. Considering your business, you can choose an application which best meets your needs. For example, news website, service website, company website, university website, real estate website, store website, etc.

Our customers are also doctors and restaurant owners.


Having an application is a key to your online business’s success

Online shopping is growing every day and each day more and more shop owners decide to have an application for their business. The reason is that an online shop allows you to buy and sell at any time any where.

Online Shop Advantages

It lets you to have more customers, more advertisement, and therefore more benefit.
Tarnamagostar leads you toward becoming your competitors’ dream by offering application design services with reasonable expenses.


Call Tarnamagostar today and benefit from its application design services


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