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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? What roles does digital marketing have in your business? Effects of digital marketing on startups, small and big businesses. What duties does a digital marketing specialist have in your company? What are Tarnamagostar's services in digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. [Wikipedia]


Digital Marketing’s Role in your Business

The increase in internet users has created the possibility for businesses to introduce their products and services to customers via internet by implementing digital marketing strategies and tools with highly functional and affordable ads.

Digital marketing strategies let your customers to choose their favorite products or services online.

It also lets you analyze your customers’ taste and needs in order for you to offer better products and services.

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Traditional and Digital Advertisement Costs

Knowing that advertisement is costly and covers a limited number of audience, even if you have all the billboards in the city, you have to consider that nowadays that most heads are in mobile phones the best and cheapest way of advertising your products and services is to publish ads on internet so that everyone can see your ads on their devices.


Effects of Digital Marking on Startups, Small and Big Businesses

Digital marketing has a remarkable effect on businesses’ ads through which you can introduce your products and services in various different ways.

It creates space for small businesses and startups with limited budget to compete with each other.

Website design, content optimization, SEO, video production, activities in social media, etc. are all examples of digital marketing strategies.


Digital Marketer’s Duties in your Company

Digital marketing is one of the most developing jobs among marketing careers which has created some other various different job positions in different areas.

A digital marketer should be an expert in all those jobs created in this field.

A digital marketing specialist should manage and guide all his group members in different marketing areas such as digital marketing strategies, market research, crowdsourcing, website and mobile application design and develop, digital content production, e-mail marketing, online advertisement, affiliate marketing, SEO marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, video search engine optimization, social media, web PR, online reputation management, mobile users’ participation, CRM, data analysis, CRO, etc.


Tarnamagostar’s Digital Marketing Services

- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Market Research
- Crowdsourcing
- Application Development and Design
- Digital content production
- Email Marketing
- Online Advertising
- Affiliate Marketing
- Search Engine Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- PPC Advertising
- Video Search Engine Optimization
- Social Media Channels 
- Social Media Strategy 
- Web PR 
- Online Reputation Management 
- Mobile Engagement 
- CRM 
- Data Analysis
- Conversion Rate Optimization 





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