DDOS Attack

DDOS Attack

What is a DDOS attack? How does a DDOS attack work?

What is a DDOS attack?

DDOS stands for distributed denial-of-service. It is an attempt to cause disorders in the normal traffic of a server, service or network by sending a huge flow of internet traffic to the target. During DDOS, several computer systems and networked resources are used as the source of the traffic.

In other words, DDOS attack is like a flood of an unusual traffic jam which blocks the way for the regular traffic.


How does a DDOS attack work?

A network of several internet-connected machines performs this attack.

These machines are infected with malware and are controlled remotely by an attacker.

Each of these devices is called a bot and a group of them is called a botnet.

When botnets target a server or network, each bot sends request to the target’s IP address. As a result, a flood of traffic overwhelms the server or network preventing it from giving service to normal requests.


Each bot is a legitimate internet device, thus, discriminating and separating the normal traffic from the attack traffic might be difficult.

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