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Content Development and Production

Content Development and Production

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What is Content Production?

In brief, content production refers to when you use visual or written assets such as videos, infographics, whitepapers, blog posts and eBooks to provide others with some information on a subject, product, service or business.

In digital era, our definition of Content Production is mostly the content used on websites and social media.

Content Production is way of introducing and promoting yourself, your business, product or service to your audience.

The most important step in content production is considering the environment in which it is going to be published. Is it going to be published on a website? Or Telegram? Or Instagram? For instance, Instagram has been a place for posting pictures since the beginning, therefore, most of its users are interested in posts with picture format.

In order to know Content Production better, different types of content format will be introduced in this article.


Content Formats

First, we need to know why we are producing this content. In other words, we need to have a strategy in content production i.e. considering the audiences’ gender, age, characteristics, etc. and also the product, service or business’s features.

There are four content format types:

- Written content
- Audio content
- Video content
- Image content


Written Content

Written content is known to have attracted its audiences’ attention easily. There are a lot of books and articles which can transfer pieces of information to their audiences.

Considering the changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, website owners pay more attention to their website’s SEO. One of the main factors in SEO and website ranking is content production. Thus, website, owners use experts to produce written content for their websites.

In producing written content, you should use all SEO principles such as related key-words, attractive titles, useful and unique content so your visitors can easily find their answers in your website.

Tarnamagostar’s specialists with more than 10 years’ experience in website design, digital marketing, SEO and content production can help you produce the desired and unique written content for your website. For more info on SEO principles you can find a related article about SEO on this website.


Audio Content

Audio content is more effective than written content. One of its advantages is that you can listen to it simultaneously with doing other things such as driving, cooking, etc. thus, audio content can be a radio program, a podcast, or educational audio files.  

Tarnamagostar’s team of content producers contains professional podcasters who can use their voice and knowledge to produce attractive audio contents related to your product, service or business.


Video Content

Producing advertising teasers has been one of the main advertisement ways, especially for big brands. Today video contents can be used not only for advertisement, but also for educational purposes and announcement.

Because of the change in people’s lifestyle, they have less time to read. Thus, a video content can transfer a message easier and faster.

Another advantage of its is that it can be posted on almost any platform; website, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc.

Thanks to the new easy ways of producing and editing videos and also the ease of posting them online, businesses can promote themselves with low expenses.

Tarnamagostar’s professional After Effect experts are actively producing video contents in social networks and you can benefit from their help to improve your business.


Image Content

One of the most interesting contents in digital marketing is Image Content. You can take high quality photographs by your mobile phone or your camera in less than a second and post them on social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

As you know, image content attracts more attention than written content and also the process of its production is much faster and cheaper and the message and information are transferred faster.
If you do not use image contents in your websites, pages and channels, you will miss an important marketing strategy in your business.

Tarnamagostar graphic designers edit out your photographs into attractive images to give your website, weblog, page or channel a unique look.


Examples of content formats:

- Infographic
- Online Course
- eBook
- Podcast
- Motion graphic
- Reportage    



The combination of written and image content is called infographic. It is used in order for the information to be more understandable.

Infographic is used in educational contents, transferring a big amount of data in a small scale, guides, surveys, maps, etc.


Online Courses

By participating in online courses which contains all types of contents (video, image, audio, written) you won’t waste your time on streets commuting to classes held in other places.

Also, if the course is held through your website, your website’s SEO will increase.

One of these online courses is Tarnamagostar’s online digital marketing course from which you can benefit without having to spend time on streets.



An eBook is a digital book containing not only text but images and videos. With the develop of digital world, eBooks have more readers than hard-copied books since it can be read from your mobile phone, thus, it is much easier to carry.



Briefly, a podcast is an audio file containing a story, analysis of a story, educational content and such subjects,

Today many people are listening to podcasts to fill their wasted time in stations, while driving , doing house chores and so on.


Motion Graphic

Motion graphic is so much like animation with a big difference. An animation tells a story while a motion graphic is used for advertising and branding purposes and even if it tells a story, that story is used to promote a product, service or a brand.

Tarnamgostar is a professional choice for motion graphic production. You can either benefit from Tarnamagostar’s experts help in producing motion graphics or let our specialists do it all and you enjoy the outcome.


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