Online store system Online store system
Store system to increase the speed and ease of merchandise sales, precise control of warehouse inventory, online and instant sales invoice issuance, online payment through bank ports, and estimating the profits and balances of each commodity in an instant and dozens of other possibilities

features and tools

  1. Sort your goods by type and application
  2. Define the goods in the desired number
    Online payment through bank portal
  3. All common operations related to sales documents
    Calculate the VAT
  4. Ability to control the credit of your customers
  5. Invoice Printing Simply change the invoice printing structure
  6. Integrated with warehouse management system
  7. Record your customers' information and text them
  8. Possibility of positive and negative votes and users' opinion about a product
  9. Specialized vocabulary bank description
  10. Ability to connect to the delivery system
  11. Special Offer System
  12. Advanced product search
  13. Ability to compare goods based on the characteristics of the goods


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