Research Portal System Research Portal System
This system is designed and manufactured with specialized research and research modules for use by universities, research institutes, research departments of institutions and organizations, knowledge-based companies, virtual research institutes and virtual libraries.

features and tools

  1. Join and manage users and group users
  2. Thematic Classification of Content Types
  3. content taxnomomy
  4. Book Bank, Article Banks, Media Banks, Banks ...
  5. advanced search
  6. Control the access rights of users to specialized research content (e.g., download and view specialized articles)
  7. User Performance Research Report
  8. Public notification pages to users
  9. Statistical survey and questionnaire
  10. Keyword Cloud
  11. The researcher's personal pages include the content types of that researcher
  12. Researchers and users question and answer bank
  13. Publishing scientific journals and printed journals electronically
  14. Feedback system
  15. Observation of other scientific research resources and publicity on the portal
  16. Research Events Module (Research Events Calendar such as Conferences)
  17. Research discussion rooms
  18. Online consultation
  19. Webinar


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