News Circulation System - News Agency News Circulation System - News Agency
A specialized news agency system with many features and features

Features and tools

  1. Unlimited service management
  2. Manage unlimited users
  3. Access Management
  4. Advertising management
  5. Optional poll management
  6. Sanchi's opinion of a questionnaire
  7. Manage Links
  8. Subscriber Management
  9. Newsletter Management
  10. Manage static pages
  11. Menu Maker Management
  12. Basic reports
  13. Newsroom editorial (registration, editing, publishing, suspension, etc.)
  14. Advanced archive of movies, photos, audio and files
  15. Implementation of profile types (graphic format)

advanced features

  • News History
  • SMS module
  • Advanced Management Reports
  • User Activity Log
  • Advanced News Circulation Engine
  • News rating
  • Site Analytics Statistics
  • Custom separation service template
  • Special case management
  • Custom news fields and editorial customization


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